Our Advanced Queue Management System (AQMS-16) is specially designed to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in places such as banks, railway stations, public utility offices, health care and other places where people have to wait in line to get a service.

AQMS reduces real & apparent waiting time, speeds up service delivery, improves service quality & increases customer satisfactio

For customers, AQMS offers freedom to move about in lobby, read advertising brochures or simply take a seat, while waiting for their turn to be served

For employees we offer good working conditions – where they can be efficient yet relaxed without being intimated by the queue of overlooking people awaiting service

For manager, we offer Daily Efficiency Reports that allow him to optimize resource allocation, respond to staff workloads and provide better service to his customers.


Supports up to three service types and 16 serving counters. Can be configured according to the company requirements. Systemizes the daily work. “Daily Efficiency Reports” give the number of customers served by each counter and also the inventory of the customer arrival time and wait time to receive service. High quality thermal printer to dispense token numbers. Token ticket carries branch name, date and time of issue. Bright 7 segment units to displays client number and the serving Counter. ‘Customer waiting’ indication on each counter.