In line with the comprehensive scope of our advisory services, materials supply, repair & maintenance services, HAAS ENGINEERING carries a large inventory of specialized fire protection and safety items.

We keep for ready-supply various types of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) with all accessories.

All type and sizes of fire extinguishers, portable, mobile and fixed fire monitors, wide range of effective fire nozzles, a range of fire & safety valves, various diameters of industrial and municipal fire hoses. types of fire-fighting fire entry suits and fire retardant station uniforms including fire helmets, fire gloves and fire boots. A large selection of chemical suits against all type of chemicals at various concentrations.

Safety equipment such stretchers, burn kits, flashlights, various types of safety shower personal protection, gas masks and accessories.

Fire alarm and extinguishing systems and a range of specialized equipment to be installed and used on fire trucks.