It is the policy of the organization to invest in its staff both at degree and vocational levels with appropriate training and development programs for the long-term benefit of the company and the services provided.


It is our firm conviction that our employees are our “Best Assets” and we wish to be recognized as a “Great Place to Work” our personal shall be guided by this desire and our approach to our employees shall be governed by the principles of “Mutual Respect” and “Trust”.

We recognize the need to nurture team spirit. For this purpose we shall provide an environment of friendliness and mutual support within the organization at the same time encourage individual initiative and creative skills.


As fire, safety and security experts, we put a high priority on a complete understanding of our suppliers’ products and our customers’ real needs.

We have experience and understanding of the risk and hazardous accidents facing high end industry like oil and petrochemical companies as well as domestic security industry were we are involved with our services. Haas Engineering services include recommending, supplying, servicing and maintaining fire, safety equipment, security devices and many more with high quality and reliability which ensure the satisfaction of our valuable customers and their requirement.

We help to protect our clients’ costly installations, and ultimately will save lives and ensure their security..