We install Access Control Systems. Built on a foundation of versatility, our access control systems satisfy a wide range of needs suitable for all budgets. Whether it’s to control one door in a single building or hundreds of doors in multiple buildings over a wide geographic area, a Keyscan system delivers reliability, functionality, and expandability for superior facility management.

Supports Any Combination Of Up To 8 Readers Or Keypads
Stores Up To 32,000 Cards Per Site With No Limit On The Number Of Sites
Retains Last 6000 Transactions In Activity Buffer
Monitors Forced Entry And Door Held Open Conditions For All Reader-Controlled Doors
Controls Unlimited Remote Sites With Optional Dial-Up Modem Or TCP/IP Converter
Downloads Data Via Modem To Any System Connected PC At Pre-Programmed Times
Heavy-Duty 10 Amp Relays Ensure Long Life And Reliability
Dual Processors For Uninterrupted System Performance – Panels Operate During Uploading And Downloading Of Data
Reads Most Competitors’ Proprietary Card Formats VReads Multiple Card Formats Simultaneously – Beneficial On System Takeovers

Haas’s System VII Software
Supports Multi-Monitor Workstations
Supports The Very Latest In Operating Systems Including Microsoft Vista Business
Supports Multiple Communication Modes – Serial, LAN/WAN, And Modem
Has User-Selectable Languages – English, French, & Spanish
Emails Alarms Or Critical Messages Automatically To PCs, Cell Phones, Or Pagers
Has Alarm Summary, Instructions, & Interactive Maps For Timely Response
Offers User-Formatted Transaction Reports For Management Analysis & Overview
Has Time-Saving Import & Export Feature For Cardholder Records
Offers Advanced Closed Circuit TV Integration
Schedules Automatic Database Backups With Email Notification For Protection Of Site Records
Has A Disaster Recovery Utility For Added Safety Of System Data
Includes Context-Sensitive On-Line Help With Detailed Instructions
Has “First Person In” Feature To Stop Unauthorized Persons From Gaining Access To Doors Set On Timed Auto-Unlock
Has A “Not Used Since” Feature To Conveniently Identify Non-Active Cardholders
Has A “Handicap Accessibility” Feature With Separate Door Monitor Settings For Persons With Disabilities
Includes A Temporary Card Feature With Date Range And Usage Countdown Beneficial For Visitors And Memberships
Allows For Expansion As New Panels Added Without Having To Purchase New Software

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